The Government has made it very clear – if we don’t wear facemasks, practice social distancing and sanitise regularly – we will see many more deaths and devastation in our land.

As the Coronavirus continues to rip through South Africa, aggravated by a new Covid-19 variant, it is firmly in our hands to protect ourselves and others. And we must do so.

Healthcare specialists stress how important it is to wear a facemask that offers adequate protection against the highly contagious Covid-19 virus. Research shows that when an infected person coughs, they can send showers of tiny droplets filled with the COVID-19 virus into the air and infect those close by. It’s worrying that many people go about their business, not knowing they have contracted the virus. And so the Coronavirus continues to spread and our hospitals are once again overwhelmed.

Authorities emphasise how important it is that correct materials are used in cloth facemasks to help reduce transmission, particularly when used in public transport and in crowded areas. Materials like paper towels, tissues, paper, plastic, sponge, wax wrap and tinfoil, do not offer adequate protection.

Fibertex facemask filter material packs, which are available from retail outlets, are designed for use as the washable, re-insertable middle layer of fabric facemasks. This durable filter media transforms a simple, low-efficiency face covering, to a dependable guard against the spread of this virus.

Also available are FT3 DIY facemask kits, which comprise every component required to make 50 washable, re-usable and durable masks for adults and children. What’s important about FT3 facemasks is they are good-quality, comfortable to wear and offer maximum protection. They also maintain their shape and do not irritate sensitive skin.

FT3 facemask kits consist of three layers of chemical-free fabric, elastic and cotton, complete with two spare filters per mask. Each pack is supplied with a pattern, that even those who are unfamiliar with a needle and thread can follow and those without a sewing machine can easily manage.

Apart from offering protection against the spread of this deadly virus, the Fibertex FT3 DIY facemask initiative is also helping vulnerable communities to start homegrown businesses, by sewing and selling facemasks to neighbours.

Many businesses, churches, schools, families and retailers are supporting vulnerable communities by buying ready-made FT3 facemasks or DIY packs. We need to make ensure everyone who needs a mask, has access to one.

Please contact Fibertex South Africa directly (+27 31 736 7100) or go onto the website ( to find out more about FT3 DIY facemask kits.

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