BMG offers maintenance-free heavy-duty couplings and wedge belts for enhanced operating reliability in the most demanding environments.

The BMG team works closely with industry to achieve a more efficient and sustainable environment and a highly productive and globally competitive region.

“BMG optimises productivity and enhances process plant operating reliability through its critical focus on entire production processes. This service encompasses an extensive range of quality branded components, engineering solutions and technical expertise,” says Carlo Beukes, Business Unit Manager, Power Transmission division, BMG. “The company’s commitment to be a complete process solutions provider to all sectors of industry means companies can access all essential products and services from one reliable supplier. This integrated approach guarantees lower production costs and higher efficiencies.”

“A cornerstone of BMG’s initiative is reliable engineering – a philosophy aimed at keeping a plant in a fully productive output for as long as possible, without unnecessary maintenance or unplanned stoppages. As a result, output capacities are increased without investment in additional production lines and machinery.”

BMG launches new products and systems on an ongoing basis to meet market requirements and has secured the exclusive supply, service and distribution agreements with many of the world’s most respected engineering manufacturers.

Important components in the company’s Power Transmission division are recently launched Fenner Quattro Plus Twin Wrap (TW) wedge belts and maintenance-free heavy-duty engineering couplings.

Fenner Quattro Plus TW wedge belts, which transmit 30% more power than conventional belts, cope extremely well in harsh African conditions. The maintenance-free feature of this series is a major advantage where there is a shortage of skilled labour.

These maintenance-free wedge belts, with a wrapped chloroprene rubber construction, have a two-ply higher modulus polyester cord outer jacket to reduce belt elongation and improve stability in tough operating conditions.

Conventional belts installed in dusty environments tend to stretch unevenly and slip and jump out of pulley grooves and belts can even melt if they are unable to cope with extreme temperatures.

With the installation of appropriate belts, which are designed to adapt to the specific application and environmental conditions, maintenance staff is able to spend more time on preventative maintenance, rather than proactive maintenance.

The asymmetric weave double jacket of Fenner Quattro Plus TW belts is heat and oil resistant, offering increased durability and improved abrasion resistance in harsh conditions. Other important features include high performance, maximum drive efficiency and extended service life. These flexible belts, which offer up to 96% energy efficiency at optimum performance, have been designed for easy installation as a permanent replacement, with minimal downtime. No dismantling of equipment is necessary.

BMG’s Fenner Quattro Plus TW belts, which are suitable for counter-bending, back-tensioners and clutches, can withstand an extended temperature range of between -30°C and 80°C. Fenner’s PB® (Precision Build) technology, eliminates the need for matching.

This range conforms with all international standards, including BS 3790, ISO 4184, DIN 7753 and American Petroleum Institute specifications. Fenner Quattro Plus belts also meet the highest standards for static conductivity (ISO 1813 standards).

These belts are particularly well-suited for heavy industrial applications, including crushers, heavy duty conveyors, waste compactors and pumps.

Timken Quick-Flex maintenance-free couplings

“The primary purpose of couplings is to transmit torque from a driving shaft to a driven shaft and to accommodate shaft misalignment during operation. Couplings also dampen vibration, torque fluctuations and torsional shock loads, even in arduous applications,” explains Brandon Bouillon, Product Manager, Power Transmission division, BMG. “Through careful and accurate product selection, correct installation and with the appropriate care of couplings, substantial savings can be made in reduced maintenance costs and minimal downtime. These procedures also increase the L10 lifetime of the product.”

Timken Quick-Flex couplings consist of two steel coupling hubs which are attached to the drive and driven shaft. A urethane element wraps around the two hubs and provides a simple, yet effective, drive mechanism. The only spare part required is a standby element that can be quickly changed when necessary.

Inserts, which are resistant to chemicals, are manufactured from different grades of urethane to suit various industries. The red insert is suitable for high-speed applications with high levels of vibration. The stiffer blue insert is designed for higher torque applications and the black insert can withstand extremely high torque requirements, replacing grid and gear couplings.

An advantage of these flexible couplings over conventional units is direct replacement with virtually all equivalent sized couplings. Quick-Flex couplings require no lubrication and are also easy to install and maintain. Due to the high torque capacity of this range, the selected Quick-Flex solution is often smaller than the replaced coupling. This results in substantial weight saving on the drive and reduces stress on other components.

These couplings accommodate angular misalignment up to 2º and parallel shaft displacement up to 7.92 mm.

Once the two coupling hubs, insert and cover have been installed and aligned for the first time, the coupling hubs do not need to be moved again for the life of the equipment. Unlike a standard jaw-type or gear couplings, there is no metal-to-metal contact between the hubs. This prevents any possible damage to the ironware during an element failure. The urethane insert can be easily changed without moving the hubs or shafts and no re-alignment of components is necessary.

Quick-Flex couplings are compatible with shaft sizes from 10 mm to 286 mm and can accommodate a wide speed range – from below100 rpm, to 12 000 rpm. Torque ratings range from 43 Nm to 188 795 Nm, depending on the selected element and cover design based on the blue element specifications.

BMG has a team of mobile technicians with specialist technical skills and equipment to conduct breakdown and routine maintenance on site. This team carries out trouble shooting and advises on possible productivity improvements, to ensure the highest level of plant output and reliability.

Specialist services include installation, adjustment, replacement and maintenance of components, shaft and pulley alignment, balancing, condition monitoring, oil sampling and analysis and critical equipment inspections and lubrication schedules. Maintenance training and fault diagnosis also form an important part of BMG’s field services.

The company is committed to providing a 24-hour customer process support for production efficiency and reliability centred maintenance. This is enhanced by advanced technical and design support across all functional disciplines.

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