Legrand’s smart Netatmo solutions, which are designed for convenience, safety and comfort at home, also ensure energy-efficiency and enhanced aesthetics.

Netatmo energy-saving systems encompass smart thermostats and radiator valves, which are easy to install, configure and manage.

Smart Netatmo thermostats ensure the home environment stays at the correct pre-set temperature – no matter what the outside weather conditions are. The integrated auto-adapt function uses the home’s insulation and outdoor temperature to programme where and when heat should be switched on, to ensure the correct temperature at the right time, in the right room.

This versatile range can be programmed manually or controlled from inside the home or from a distance via a smartphone, tablet or computer. A pre-programmed heating schedule that ensures every room is at the right temperature at the right time, not only has the advantage of energy-savings, but also offers convenience and peace of mind.

Netatmo thermostats are available from Legrand as mobile, wireless units that can stand on a table, or they can be mounted discreetly on a wall. The relay is plugged into the mains, either through the boiler adapter or a standard socket. These thermostats are compatible with gas, oil, wood boilers and heat pumps.

According to Legrand specialists, all that’s required for dependable temperature control of an individual boiler, is a smart Netatmo thermostat and additional smart radiator valves. For collective or district heating in the home, a Netatmo starter pack with additional smart radiator valves are necessary.

If the home has an individual heating system, a single Netatmo thermostat is used to control the boiler activation. On the other hand, if the installation has several heating circuits – for example on different floors of the building – each zone will need to be controlled by a different Netatmo thermostat.

With the installation of additional smart radiator valves to the thermostat or starter pack, it is possible to control all radiators for enhanced comfort and greater energy-savings. The room-by-room heating schedule is easily adapted to a daily routine, ensuring exactly the right temperature where and when it is needed.

Users can select between two heating modes –Eco Priority and Comfort Priority. In Eco Priority mode, the additional smart radiator valves will only heat up if the room where the thermostat is placed, also needs to be heated up. The setpoint temperature will not be exceeded. In Comfort Priority mode, the additional smart radiator valves can activate the heating via the thermostat to warm up a room, even if the room where the thermostat is placed does not need to be heated.

It is also possible to use the Manual Boost feature to temporarily heat a room to a higher temperature. The Manual Boost feature overrides the smart thermostat schedule and forces the boiler to activate.

Legrand’s Netatmo range also includes smart security products, air quality monitors and home weather stations.

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