Another accident at Vumbachikwe mine

There has been another accident at Vumbachikwe Mine. Reports say a Skip derailed and threw a worker out breaking both his legs in the process.

Sources say the worker was tipped from the Skip on the same spot another worker lost his life in May of this year.

It is not clear if there were any mine inspections done prior to the accident or if the mine’s hoisting systems are serviced regularly.

Mine skips act as shaft conveyors for transporting gathered ore from underground to the surface. This equipment is also used for transferring waste rock and debris for disposal.

The injured worker is reportedly receiving medical treatment at Matadei Hospital in Bulawayo.

Efforts to get comments from Mr. Mlazi the mine manager were fruitless as he did not respond to messages and his phone was not going through.

About Vumbachikwe Mine

Vumbachikwe Mining Company is an African resources company established in March 1980. The company was formed through a reverse takeover of Rhodesian Gold plc, Rhodesian gold exploration and mining company, by a privately held mining company, Vumbachikwe Mining Company Holdings (Pvt) Limited.

With operations and exploration activities in Zimbabwe, and a broad range of exploration and development projects in the African region, the asset base is diverse — gold, nickel, copper, zinc, cobalt and, more recently, diamonds and oil and gas. The company intends to pursue further mining opportunities across the African continent, both independently and, where appropriate, in partnership with other stakeholders.

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