BLT WORLD – which represents exclusive supply, service and distribution agreements of leading bulk handling equipment OEM’s for Africa – is participating at the Institute of Quarrying SA (IQSA) Conference, to be held in Cape Town in April 2020.

BLT WORLD’s exhibition stand this year highlights products and systems from MDS International – global specialists in trommel screens and apron feeders for material processing and recycling; SAMSON Materials Handling Limited – manufacturers of mobile material feeder equipment and ScrapeTec’s skirting for conveyor systems used in the handling of all bulk materials for dust and spillage control.

Scrapetec’s AirScrape, DustScrape, TailScrapeand SpeedScrapeproducts, which are virtually maintenance-free, extend the service life of conveyor belts and reduce cleaning requirements of the entire conveyor system. Apart from cost-efficient operation, these products also contribute to occupational safety, environmental protection and safety, by minimising dust generation and contamination.

The contact-free AirScrape conveyor belt skirting system is a highly-effective side skirt that lies 2 mm above the conveyor belt, without contact, and creates negative pressure on the belt, due to its specially-designed blade structure.

Because this system hovers freely above the conveyor belt, skirt friction and belt damage are eliminated and service life of every component of the conveyor is extended. It also minimises frictional wear on the belt, thus reducing power consumption.

BLT WORLD also distributes the full range of Samson bulk handling equipment, which includes mobile material feeders, which are available on wheels, tracks or skids. This equipment is known globally for flexibility, with no compromise on performance, environmental standards, reliability or safety.

Samson material feeders are designed for high accuracy in feed control and operate efficiently in quarrying and mining environments.

This system – which is a flexible and cost-efficient alternative to conventional underground apron feeders – is installed above ground, eliminating costly civil engineering works. This portable system can be easily relocated for future plant development.

Samson material feeders are suitable for heavy-duty applications with continuous use, including impact loading from articulated dump trucks and large loading shovels, providing a buffer storage capacity, without the need for large ramps or underground pits. Since material is drawn from the tipping truck in a controlled stream, dust generation is significantly reduced, minimising environmental pollution.

A wide belt design, with vertical hopper sides, enables fast truck discharge and the efficient conveying of any material, without the risk of blockage. Steel apron bar technology provides the strength of an apron feeder, with clean operation. Conveyor chains are always outside the material flow, which means chain wear is reduced and inspection and maintenance procedures are easy.

BLT WORLD’s Samson mobile boom feeders offer high-performance, reliability and manoeuvrability in mobile stockpiling and rail car loading operations, without the need for permanent infrastructure. The Stormajor boom feeder combines the benefits of the Samson material feeder unit with a radial outloading boom, both of which are mounted to a common chassis as a fully integrated mobile stacker, that is able to receive materials directly from tipping trucks, shovels and articulated dump trucks. The compact design means the boom feeder can be deployed and operational within minutes of being delivered to site.

BLT WORLD’s MDS trommel screens and apron feeders have been designed especially for mineral processing and recycling applications. Flexible MDS systems are used to remove the small fraction – fines – from a waste stream, to make the remaining material easier to handle for the operatives or processing equipment.


The MDS M515 track trommel, with a 30 T hopper capacity, is capable of handling large rocks and efficiently separates difficult and sticky materials, like mud and clay.

This robust machine, which is designed to clean rocks in all weather conditions, has an advanced cleaning mechanism that keeps the drum apertures unblocked. The MDS M515 is supplied with fold-out stockpiling conveyors and is able to move around a mine and from one site to another. The M515 trommel is able to produce three products concurrently, at an output of over 400 Tons per hour.

BLT WORLD offers a technical advisory, supply and support service throughout Africa.

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