The Masemanzi Mining team is testament to the fact that there is truth in the old proverb, “Where there’s a will there’s a way.”

In 2010, as the inspiration of gutsy husband and wife team, Wonderboy Manzini, a mechanical engineer and Alender Manzini, a bookeper, exchanged the comfort of fulltime employment, for the challenging world of entrepreneurship and so, Masemanzi Mining Holdings was born.

In spite of tough challenges, including the absence of assets and contracts at the beginning, the team has pulled together and worked hard to become key players in the mining industry and civil and infrastructure engineering services.

“We established Masemanzi Mining to pursue the exploration of coal resources and the development of new coal mines, as well as to focus on the trading of coal to different intenties inland,” explains Wonderboy Manzini. “Our first project was to trade 1 000 tons of coal and since then we have expanded our services to include turnkey solutions, covering each phase in the mining process. Starting with exploration, mining, material handling and processing, through to trade and export of the final product.

“The machinery required for these processes includes exploration drills, earthmoving equipment, screens, crushers and washing plant. Masemanzi now owns relevant equipment to perform each of these phases.  

“As part of our passionate commitment to deliver quality work time after time, we have established long-term relationships with customers and suppliers that have helped us prosper in spite of difficult economic conditions.

“Challenges we currently face include fluctuations in the exchange rate, the rising cost of diesel, the erratic market value of coal and aggressive competition. We believe strongly in the investment of quality branded equipment and regular replacement of machines, to ensure high productivity and minimal downtime.

“The financing of new machines is often prohibitive, but with a supplier like HPE Africa, which offers adaptable financial options and instalment payment choices to suit our exact needs, we are able to replace capital equipment when necessary, to ensure our fleet is pristine.

“Added to this, we value the support of suppliers which offer us reliable support and a professional maintenance service around the clock. Our investment from HPE Africa, in four Hyundai HL770-9S wheel loaders and an R260LC-9S excavator, a McCloskey I44 impact crusher, as well as a McCloskey R155 screen, has been enhanced by the team’s dependable service. The Hyundai and McCloskey equipment is competitively priced and meets all three of our key performance indicators, which are reliability, efficiency and user-friendliness.”

This equipment ensures high productivity, cost-efficient operation, optimum safety and minimal maintenance requirements in all Masemanzi Mining’s projects.

Highlights for the company include securing the Eskom coal supply agreement, acquiring Brockwell Colliery, an anthracite coal mine in Paul Petersburg, the acquisition of Manganex Mine in Lichtenburg, in the district of North West Province, starting up Labrie Mine in the district of Ermelo and the opening of the new Boschfontein coal mine in Middelburg. Masemanzi Mining is currently moving over 180 000 tons of product per month within its structure.

The Manzini’s vibrant entrepreneurial flair, steadfast loyalty, impeccable ethics and an unwavering determination to succeed, have set the tone for a strong team-spirit and a distinct sense of pride for everyone at Masemanzi Mining.

This dynamic duo ascribes their success to their positive reputation in the industry, their belief in gradual growth, putting most profits back into the business to be able to expand, paying off assests as quickly as possible and their broad network of connections.

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