Up the service ante in high torque applications with SKF Disc Couplings

Available in a variety of configurations, SKF’s range of Disc Couplings provide affordable, lubrication-free service in medium to high torque applications that require torsional rigidity.

These innovative Couplings feature two hubs and a laminated stainless steel disc pack secured by a series of fitted bolts retained by nylon insert lock nuts. With a capacity range up to 178 kNm in a variety of configurations including single disc, double disc and spacer for both horizontal and vertical mounting, these Couplings deliver several benefits to a vast selection of applications.

“In many applications, the challenge posed by exposure to the elements requires quality parts that continue to operate smoothly,” states David Beggs, SKF Power Transmission Global Technical Manager. “The SKF Disc Coupling offers robust performance, with all-steel machined components that allow for high-speed applications to be handled with ease. With two-plane dynamic balancing, higher speeds are often permissible.”

By offering particular allowance for misalignment and with no need for lubrication, the need for maintenance on these cost-effective Couplings is diminished. Single Disc Couplings accommodate angular offset whilst double disc pack units with a spacer will enable angular, parallel or combined offset. The prime mover and driven machine do not need to be moved due to the fact that the disc pack or spacer can be removed and re-installed radially.  SKF Disc Couplings encompass hub pilot bores to simplify boring to requirements. This subsequently brings cost effective high performance to a range of applications and industries such as petro-chemical (direct drive fan drives, pumps and compressors), printing and paper (positioning), plastics, power generation (high speed turbine type drives, alternators, pumps), refrigeration (compressors) and marine.               

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