Bosch Holdings-runner-up in the category of Nation-builder.

“We are very proud of this prestigious award, which acknowledges successful supplier development programmes that…

“We are very proud of this prestigious award, which acknowledges successful supplier development programmes that are making a lasting impact on the local economy,” says Balan Govender, managing director, Bosch Ulwazi, a member of the Bosch Holdings group of multi-disciplinary consulting engineering companies. “Bosch Holdings was one of 400 entrants from private and public sector enterprises, which showcased supplier development initiatives and their positive impact in healthcare, mining, manufacturing and the built environment.

“The Nation-builder Award recognises initiatives that are achieving exceptional results in supporting and growing non-traditional suppliers in areas including youth, black women and rural areas or areas with few alternative opportunities, as well as scarce skills not readily available in previously disadvantaged communities of South Africa.

“Bosch Holdings has taken critical steps to decrease the drastic skills shortages in our country, through the establishment of Bosch Ulwazi, which facilitates the advancement of engineering skills. The company provides solutions for engineer development and technical training, as well as supplier/enterprise and socio-economic development.”

Bosch Ulwazi – which marks its 10th anniversary this year – mentors engineers and project managers to achieve professional registration with regulatory bodies. The company provides a range of technical skills solutions to public and corporate client organisations that employ graduate engineers, technologists and project managers, who are candidates for professional registration. Professional registration is a key milestone that prepares young graduates for leadership, or for forming their own enterprise. Bosch Ulwazi has successfully ventured into establishment and development of emerging enterprises into reputable suppliers to the built environment.

Bosch Ulwazi also plays a key role in the development of small, medium and micro-sized enterprises (SMME’s). The company focuses on identifying, mentoring and developing black-owned businesses, to support a client’s supplier and enterprise development goals. The Bosch Ulwazi team assists SMME’s to increase their number of employees, boost turnover, become ISO compliant and ultimately have access to procurement opportunities within the supply chain of sponsoring companies.

The company’s Engineer-in-Training (EIT) and project management programme provides opportunities for graduate engineers and project managers to enhance their practical engineering and project management competencies, to meet the Engineering Council’s (ECSA’s) and the SACPCMP’s requirements for professional registration.

Through Bosch Ulwazi’s commitment to providing the highest standards of transformation in enterprise, socio-economic and skills development, the Bosch Holdings group strives to develop black-owned businesses in the engineering sector.